Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Z1 + 3 min AD, then Rest!!

April 11

30 mins of Z1 on the AD or rower, early morning and fasted if possible. Please watch your watts on the AD or rower and get an idea of what your average is for Z1 effort.
If you are feeling it, please do a 3 min AD tester for me. I would like for you to know what your average watts is - in other words - watch you watts and see where the watts peak is and record that number. We will need it for next weeks Map 1 day. Calories for this test do not matter as much as the watts but are helpful.

Then rest of day off and be ready for BIG strength day tomorrow - we will do Backsquat, Shoulder Press, Single arm pull, GHDs, single leg and an EMOM with deadlifts and ring dips


Z1 AD for 20 mins at 5am before coaching, got a total of 170 cals. The main watt readings were 135, 121, 114, 108. I seemed to hang out most at 114.

Did the 3 min AD test at 10am. I am not too sure how to interpret the data. My total cals was 55, which I think is a PR, my average watts was 273. The highest watts I saw at the beginning was 472 but that only lasted for about 20 secs, the lowest reading was around 200. It seemed as though I was around 220-230 for a majority of it. So I think I will take 260 watts and use that as my 85% on next weeks 30 on/ 30 rest and see how that goes.

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